Transploration Exhibition at Manchester Museum

An exploration of the kidney transplant experience exhibition at Manchester Museum by Tracey Walshaw

Exhibition at Manchester Museum launched in Transplant Week 2013

I am a fifty three year old mother of two fantastic young people and wife to man who gifted me his kidney January 2012.  I have polycystic disease and was in renal failure awaiting transplant when I started to document the process through my mosaics. I am a person centred counsellor, supervisor and trainer, a mosaic artist and writer. I engaged with my creativity in exploring some of my thoughts and experiences throughout this whole transplant experience. My creative process seems to manifest itself in creating images and making things which help me think and focus on what is currently happening for me. This exhibition is about my experience throughout this process and in no way is an attempt to suggest this is how it is for other people.

I am hoping that one of the spin-offs from this exhibition is to raise awareness about kidney donation. The gift of a kidney and the potential for life and a future for the recipient of that kidney is both wonderful and incredible. Be that a live donor or a donor who in the event of their death has chosen to donate a person in kidney failure the possibility of a healthy and normal life. No words can express the gratitude that recipients feel towards donors. Through my art I have found a way of honouring this gift. This exhibition is a taste of the mosaic pieces I created before, during and post-transplant. I am dedicating this exhibition to the donors, potential donor and staff (my renal family) at  Manchester Royal Infirmary.

There are two pieces which I feel warrant a mention  “The Blessing Tree”

I feel blessed I was gifted with a kidney
I feel blessed I was gifted with my life
I feel blessed I have been gifted with my future

Also “Let’s hear it for the Donor” this is a celebration of the selfless act of the donor. Words cannot express the gratitude we as receivers of this tremendous gift of life feel.

Tracey Walshaw (

Tracey was interviewed on Friday, 12 July by the Key103 bus on site at the Museum. Listen to her story of the exhibition - Tracey Interview

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